A Theology of Gambling Part 4 – Hope


Part 3 Hope I am not, in any way, trying to say that these games provide a suitable recreational (or competitive) experience for every person. Like in every other enterprise in the gaming vein, too much of a good thing may prove to snare a person into a cycle of…

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A Theology of Gambling Part 3 – Complexity and Competition


Part 2 Money, in itself, represents a valueless quantity, used for either good or evil. However, the idolization of said money happens quickly and without much thought – to dire effect. In the United States of America, you could consider money the lifeblood of our free enterprise system, capable of…

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A Theology of Gambling Part 2 – Money


Part 1 What isn’t an opinion, however, is the constant use of lots to resolve disputes both human and divine. God does not seem to condemn the use of lots in most situations, nor does it seem to contain any negative connotation in most uses. Proverbs 18:18 tells us that…

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A Summary of E3 Press Conferences, Or How I’m Not That Excited About Anything


Perhaps it’s age getting to me, or perhaps something else entirely, but I am entirely un-phased by the majority of new game announcements. I think this functions specifically in the case of new system announcements, which always make me angry, bored, and not that happy that I need to spend…

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