Seventh Day of Christmas – Destiny

From the opening credits

Destiny is grand

Light fighting against darkness

across near and foreign lands.

Whispers of the Master Chief and Cortana

riddle the game to its core.

Does Bungie have it in them

to provide an actual game instead of a snore?

The Traveler hovers quietly

keeping the darkness at bay.

From the Tower in the last city

the Guardians plot against their prey.

Solid game mechanics cannot salvage a story

that is so utterly lost.

Multiple expansions ahead

gamers will pay the cost.

What should one think

about a game so out of sync?

Of a destiny filled with no ability to pause

but firmly gripped in Fallen maws.

As the Titan punches, the Dinklebot speaks

The roar of gunfire never ceases

as the light furthers its reach

Come join me fellow gamers

in this galaxy and beyond

Where we’ll shoot all the things

let freedom ring

and the Traveler may he save us all.

About Bryan Hall

Transplanted from the land of sun and surf to a place filled with pine trees and sweet tea, Bryan Hall is a man who has experienced God's grace. Wanting to influence the digital landscape with the love of Christ, Bryan writes from the junction point of faith, life, and video games. You can read more of his writing at his blog,