Review: Dark Souls II – Crown of the Old Iron King (**** stars)

Consider this video my review: fun, and then cheap for no reason.

For those who want more information, the whole area is immensely clever, but there are too many ambushes that are impossible to avoid, even when you know they’re coming. Having an area where you can’t actually attack anything from afar because of silly grating does not suspend my disbelief much; rather, my frustration comes to the fore instead.

The bosses, however, are as stellar as any in the Souls series. Both Fume Knight and Sir Alonne involve tense one-on-one duel that require a lot of tight maneuvering, knowledge of enemy patterns, and improvisation to conquer. Fume Knight especially took me many attempts, but what a satisfying boss! I’d recommend the DLC on both these fights alone, really, just like the last one – they’re worth all the little troubles you encounter along the way.

Just to mention one last thing: I beat the Smelter Demon on the attempt immediately after this, just by switching from the Mace (not fast enough, I suspected, and I was right).

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