POWER OF GOD Night — A GameCell Recap

Power seems like it’s how the world works: the powerful control and the weak are overpowered. But in the Bible, we see a God who almost always only shows his power through human weakness and humility. With that in mind, we explored the theme of power in the ironically named, “POWER OF GOD Night.”

Using state of the art mobile technology, we’ve found the solution to distilling the GameCell experience down to a two-minute video. Enjoy.

Cliffnote version:

Alex Carter, Hively, Greg, Zac (new guy), Garrett, Tim, Tyler, Vince, Jason and I showed up. Greg took on the Discussion Master role and had Garret ask the first question:

“What’s your Favorite game power?”

Everybody shared, then Vince got the next question:

“What comes to mind hearing, “THE POWER OF GOD?”

Our crew went with some pretty obvious shining “God rays” and super-poweredness. Tyler mentioned the nature of God creating everything from nothing.  Then Tyler volunteered as Text Master:

1 Corinthians‬ ‭1‬:‭27‬ 

“God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong.”

Then we asked,

“What’s your favorite Bible story? Or first that comes to mind?”

New guy, Zac, mentioned David and Goliath and we pointed out how that was about a weak little guy showing-up somebody who was powerful. Greg mentioned the three crosses. And we looked at how Jesus’ cross was an illustration of God using weakness to reveal his greatest power. And Alex Carter mentioned Samson’s story, which made me tell the whole thing from scratch since very few of our guys knew anything about it. And despite how weird all of the super-powered fox-catching abilities and war-powers Samson got were, the point where he was at his most-powerful was when he was utterly shamed, blind, and humiliated. And God used that moment to free a young and weak Israel from oppression.


We hit home on the theme a little bit saying, “may you find that God’s power comes through the things that look weak!”

Then Alex Hively volunteered to close us in prayer even though he wasn’t quite sure how to do it. We helped him through, had a snack, and transitioned to the game-time. But first we had a detour and I shared with the guys a private screening of my first game trailer for the upcoming game ReElise (details coming soon, I promise).

We picked from this lot that all illustrate the power of small or weak things:

  • Skyhook
  • Sunset
  • I Am Bread!
  • Titan Souls
  • Toybox Turbos
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • ReElise


Zac picked Skyhook (an A- Multiplayer game, which is good for Early Access). Then he picked me to go next, which was a first, but I picked Ori and the Blind Forest (The intro was A+ storytelling but the main game was only B- to watch for non-players). Jason showed up and picked Toybox Turbos (an A+ multiplayer game, which may be the most fun local multiplayer racing game we’ve played other than Speedrunners). Then when the crowd thinned, Alex Carter picked ReElise (a 20% complete build of the game), and I recorded it as input for the developer, Justin Fox. But despite that early nature of the game and being a turn-based RPG without any voice acting, our crew absolutely loved it (I’d say it was easily an A+ game for one to play and others to watch).

An amazing night.


This essay was originally posted on the author’s blog, and has been re-posted with the author’s permission.

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