Podcast #97 – “Christian” as a Genre

Is “Christian” a genre? Let Zach, Bryan, and Brandon talk (and ramble) about it!

Topics include World of WarCraft, Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, pledging allegiance, POLITICS, metal, country, No Man’s Sky, Fireproof, Ben Hur, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Noah, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Jak, Crash Bandicoot, bonnet rippers, Dragon Quest Builders, Minecraft, Dropsy,  ReElise, El Shaddai, deuterocanonical, apocrypha, hype, The Secret of Monkey Island, Metroid Prime, Other M, Zelda, The Witcher III, Assassin’s Creed, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Star Fox, God’s Not Dead, Kirk Cameron, and the Newsboys

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Zachery Oliver, MTS, is the lead writer for Theology Gaming, a blog focused on the integration of games and theological issues. He can be reached at viewtifulzfo at gmail dot com or on Theology Gaming’s Facebook Page.
  • Christian can be a genre – if it caters to the sensibilities and hopes of the Christian. On the one hand, it doesn’t have to hype Jesus at every turn – just as you guys suggested. It does have to tread carefully in not advocating, encouraging and celebrating sin in all of its various expressions.

    Is there a need for a Christian genre? Yes. But let’s discuss what that is, how that might grow in dimensionality, etc?