Podcast #7 – PAX East in the Morning

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Finally, Penny Arcade Expo East! Yay!

Zachery Oliver wakes up far before he ever should to talk about PAX East with fellow attendee M. Joshua Cauller and Ted Loring (our question-asker). Topics range from evangelism to experiences talking to developers to the overwhelming nature of it all, as well as some retro-game purchasing advice on the tail end (who knows why). It’s pretty weird, mostly because (ZFO) needed gigantic coffee cup and didn’t sleep, but we gets some really cool tidbits and experiences out of the whole thing. Also, talk of Scribblenauts, Limbo, Bastion, Guacamelee, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, Tomb Raider, bad WiiU purchases, and some silliness all around.

Podcast 7

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Just as a correction, you can buy a Sega Saturn of any kind, buy a 4MB RAM cart with it, and play any region game for the most part. I just advocate Japanese Saturns because they look so cool, is all.



With this:



I think there’s a clear winner here, but perhaps you like all black. Not that you wouldn’t be wrong in that assessment.

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