Podcast #56 – Forgiveness Spoilercast

So let’s talk about forgiveness in video games, or, at least, the theological concept of it! Zach, Josh, Ted, Jonathan, Matt, and Nelson (of Video Games and the Bible fame) talk about something important…or maybe just listen! Also we spoil a whole lot of games, unintentionally! There are probably too many people on this podcast, so enjoy.

Topics include Video Games and the Bible (the website!), screencheating in Goldeneye, World of Tanks, SOMEHOW MORE DESTINY TALK WILL IT EVER END, Risk, biting other people, trolling in local multiplayer (Rayman, Mario), Lifeboats, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Metro: Last Light, Journey, Bioshock Infinite, Silent Hill 2, Papers Please, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dishonored, Tomb Raider, That Dragon Cancer (as per usual), Saints Row IV, Apostle Peter, representations of Christians in video games, Jael, testimony, and other things! The word things!

Podcast #56

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