Podcast #5 – Childhood Memories And Games as Art

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So we’re doing something a little bit different this week.

Usually, it’s just me talking with other people about video games from a theological perspective. Usually we’re not in the same room, nor in the same location. This is not the case with this podcast! Reuniting childhood friends is always a delight, and talking with Joe Mazzaglia and Ryan Egnet about all sorts of memories remained an interesting…experiment.

We talk of all manner of topics, from public schools to Tom and Jerry to PlatinumGames, 3rd person action games, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Braid, El Shaddai, Fantasia, Quentin Tarantino, Zack Snyder, J.J. Abrams, Philosophy, Tool, Lateralus, Vicarious, Navi, Jonathan Blow, Jenova Chen, Nier, crying about things, and Jason Bourne.

Ryan does not know how to use a microphone, so apologies for that. Double apologies for the bad editing…it was definitely for your good! Really!

Podcast 5

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