Podcast #40 – Fandoms and (Apparently) Dr. Who

Zach, Michael Justin Jones (Theology Gaming University’s Guidance Conselor…sorta) and Eric Anderson of Nerd Chapel talk about the concept of “fandoms”, or pop mythologies. Why do people get into these things so much? Also a ton of Dr. Who spoilers!

Topics include Dr. Who, Tardis, Christopher Eccelston, K-9, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, marriage, Daleks, fandoms, Super Mario Bros., being a “fan”, philosophy of religion, idolatry, justice, The Lost Episodes, Star Trek, Whovians, cosplay, the difference between love and agreement, helicopter parents, Cyberman, sports, community, swimming over the Internet, quantum teleportation, the danger of technological progression, Tums eating addiction, and how Christians should deal with fandoms.

Podcast 40

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