Podcast #4-B: An Addendum on El Shaddai

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So I made Joshua Cauller buy the game…then I talked about the game on a day he wasn’t around. Also, he was the only person who really, REALLY loved the game (and Joe didn’t play it, so that doesn’t count). In the interest of fairness, here is that discussion just for you fans!

Since we covered a great deal of ground on the last podcast, you’d imagine we had exhausted the subject matter. Somehow, we eke almost another hour, including much talk of Free Mason symbols (the All-Seeing Eye, for one), Ishtar, the use of religion in video games (Japanese specifically), and all manner of other stuff. Heck, even the Chaldean language and Darren Aronofsky warrant a mention. Listen now!

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Podcast 4-B

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