Podcast #36 – Resurrection-Cast 2014!

He Is Risen!

Listen to us ramble on about the Resurrection cogently, and subsequently fail to talk about video games in relation to it! Or maybe we did better than we thought?

Topics include (other than the obvious) PAX East, Easter’s origins, Dark Souls (yet again!), Acts 2 (Peter’s first sermon?!), eschatology, Phoenix Down, grace and mercy, Good Friday and Tenebrae (WHAT IS THIS), Lent, fasting, The Brick Bible, Lego City Undercover, Nintendo DS and R4 Cards, 3DS StreetPass, Tim Rogers, Oculus Rift and the sunk cost fallacy, Echoes of Eridu, Mercenary Kings, Joshua Cauller and the dangers of convention food, missions trips, Metal Gear Solid, respawning, Okami and postmillenialism, I Die Daily, G.K. Chesterton and paradox,

Podcast 36

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