Podcast #33 – A History of Healing

Healing’s such a regular part of video games, but we don’t often think of it as we play. What if we did, though, and suddenly broke out of our normal habit? This podcast would result.

Also, delicious tangents (it always sounded like the name of a fruit)! About random things!

Topics include Matthew 21:12-17, cessationism, continualism (because we must talk about this!), Jesus, healing miracles,  Apostle Paul, Raymond Mooi, The Enlightenment, Dark Souls, King of Fighters, arcade games, Halo, Half-Life,  fantasy healers, clerics, medic, Out There, 3D Sega Master System games, Golvellius, Xbox One troubles, Nintendo DS BLUE, The awfulness of Super Mario 64 DS, The MMO Holy Trinity, Acts 10, and whatever other stuff.

Podcast 33

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