Podcast #32 – Anime Crocodile Tears: Fighting Games and Shameless Promotion

The two topics are sorta related? But not quite?

Today, Zach, Justin, Pat, and new guest Ian Rosser talk about fighting games from a billion different angles, and also shamelessly self-promote our various projects and stuff we are doing!


Topics include Tee Church, 1 Kings 18,  MirageTheRapper (along with two free rap demonstrations – you’re welcome!), ReElise, Lecrae, Sho Baraka (i.e., Christian hip-hop hitting the mainstream), Madeleine L’Engle, Dave Ramsey, Blazblue, Ultra Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XIII, Street Fighter X Tekken, Killer Instinct, Tekken in general, Soul Calibur, Capcom Vs. SNK, Marvel Vs. Capcom, SVC: Chaos, gushing over 2D art (YYYYEAAAAHHHH), playing as the scantily-clad female characters (FEMINISM), Art of Fighting references (shirts exploding), SNK Boss Syndrome, 3rd Strike, EVO, dedication, speedrunning, competitive play, MUGEN, and a billion other fun surprises!

Podcast 32

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