Podcast #17 – SEX WEEK Reflections

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So we wrote a lot about SEX this WEEK. So this podcast’s rather short, other than the recording problem and tight scheduling we brushed against rather vigorously!

But you know what? That’s a bit of a misnomer. The root subject, let’s be honest, was intimacy, and how our culture lacks the ability to comprehend it in any way but through sexual relations. So let’s here M. Joshua Cauller, Bryan Hall, Yann Wong, and Eric Anderson address varied topics like To the Moon, Ken Gao, Façade, Passage, Mario, Mass Effect, Yann Wong’s love affair with Miranda Lawson (not really), Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Age, Morrigan demon babies, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit, David Cage, God of War, Dragon’s Crown, philia and eros love, and Zelda.

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