Podcast #14 – The Travails of Kickstarter with Dropsy and Stasis Concerto

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So what do you want to know about Kickstarter? How to start one? Why a person needs it? Why private equity or investment isn’t allowed? Or why indie developers choose to avoid private backers? How do Christians navigate such a world.

Both my guest have a wonderful idea for a game: Dropsy, by Jay Tholen of crazy progressive chiptune fame, and Stasis Concerto, by our very own Patrick Gann. Each talks about their fascinating games and tell us all about the process! And also talk of clowns! Armless clowns! Topics include everything from The Neverhood to a bunch of video game composers.

See Jay’s Kickstarter Here, and his music here. See Stasis Concerto’s website Here.

Podcast 14

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