Podcast #12 – Meeting the Critical Gamer Richard Terrell

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Huh? Zach isn’t hosting! Well, there’s a reason why, but it’s not all that interesting. What IS interesting is M. Joshua Cauller’s conversation with Richard Terrell, a developer on indie game BaraBariBall and proprietor of the Critical Gaming Network/blog. Topics range the gamut from Terrell’s experiences to Smash Bros., Dyad, Critical Gaming Blog, GDC, Sports Friends Kickstarter, BaraBariBall, Playstation Plus, Indie Games, Lego Mindstorms, Game Maker, Jon Blow, the Trigon theory of game design, Guacamelee, The Walking Dead (even Survival Instincts, somehow), Wii Sports, Portal 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and first person shooters. Lots of them.

Apologies for some weird audio glitches in advance, but it’s perfectly listenable. So go do that!

Podcast 12

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