Podcast #55 – Gaming Habits, Screaming Children, and Violent Sneezing

Zach, Eric of Nerd Chapel, Matthew Eyler (some dude) and Jonathan Clauson talk about what we’re playing, gaming habits, screaming children, and violent sneezes.

Ninety-Nine Nights, Bayonetta 2, Vanquish, Ticket to Ride, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor,Sniper Elite III, more Destiny talk (WILL IT EVER END!?), Assassin’s Creed, Dragon’s Crown, what makes a mature game, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, maturity, death, Fahrenheit, Civilization, The Long Dark, Resident Evil, immersion, Dead Space, Alien vs. Predator, F.E.A.R. being a parent gamer, how long games should be, gaming habits, Kingdom Hearts, King of New York, Sheriff of Nottingham, Nuns on the Run, Tom Hammond and animal husbandry, and finishing up with Civilization: Beyond Earth.

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