Nerd Chapel: Carcassonne and Church

Editor’s Note: We like to promote the work of our contributors. Eric Anderson of Nerd Chapel fame has been making a video series for quite a while relating nerd-related topics to theology. Here’s the latest installment! Also, board games count under the “Gaming” umbrella, so feel free to send those sorts of things in the future!

Cooperation is possible even in the game of Carcassonne, but it is necessary in the church.

About Eric Anderson

A substitute teacher by day and apparent theologian by night...or anytime, really, Eric Anderson is a blogger/teacher who loves Jesus, board games, comic books, and science fiction. He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Taylor University Fort Wayne and lives in Michigan out of a passion for spreading the Gospel through his own hobbies, otherwise known as Nerd Chapel. You can follow his teachings and thoughts at or