Monday Update – To Youtube or Not to Youtube?!

Theology Gaming has, primarily, been a written enterprise. I like writing, trained myself for prose, and enjoy reading it a whole lot. That methodology tends to conflict with our “new media” mindset, even if it fits in line with traditional Protestant emphasis on Scripture reading. For a long time, then, I’ve been thinking of launching other means to let Theology Gaming reach a wider demographic.

Surely, we have a rather stable podcast schedule which, if not for the combined efforts of our Theology Gaming University folk, would not come to pass. I’d like to thank Joshua Cauller and Ted Loring for contributing so consistently to the early morning show and making it an easy task to wake up so early at such irregular intervals. As a night owl by nature, it takes time to get up! I’d also like to thank any and all who have participated in our weird off-brand Sessions podcasts and the strangely scheduled “Night Team” stuff that never fits into one time frame. Perhaps a rapidly-shifting slot was just bound to happen with that crowd, but thanks to all (Justin Fox, Jonathan Clauson, Pat Gann, Andrew Crawford, Eric Anderson, Bryan Hall, and I’m sure I missed more than a few!).

Still, I would like to expand our efforts a little further than that. So it is that, maybe, Theology Gaming can expand its outreach to Youtube? Granted, playing video games and talking over them seems like a pretty crowded market. On one hand, playing and talking at the same time isn’t exactly easy for me to do without playing rather  horribly. On the other hand, the combination of audio and visual appeals to a far larger audience than the written word, much as I loathe to admit that fact.

In that spirit, I leave it up to you all. I’ve recorded some video in the past, sure, but I would like any and all volunteers to help out with this sort of thing. What kind of Youtube content would you like to see? How can we augment the same style of writing here into something within a different medium? Please tell me if you’ve got any interesting ideas to establish a solid, and different, presence on Youtube. I’ll throw mine into the ring right now.

Hopefully, that’s a good start! If you liked what you saw, leave a comment here or on the Youtube page. or on Theology Gaming University (link in the menu bar above)!

Also, I should really be playing Dark Souls II, but you know what? I do what I want, when I want!

About Zachery Oliver

Zachery Oliver, MTS, is the lead writer for Theology Gaming, a blog focused on the integration of games and theological issues. He can be reached at viewtifulzfo at gmail dot com or on Theology Gaming’s Facebook Page.
  • Michael Justin Jones

    I think the first question is “what is to be gained from doin videos on YouTube” and the second question should be “what can we do that would be consistent with out content while taking advantage of the new outlet of content that YouTube provides.”

    • Michael Justin Jones


    • Zachery Oliver

      That is certainly the question. Just throwing it out there with suggestions and such. I know what I enjoy doing (rambling while playing things), but I’m sure other people have things they would like to see.