Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Spoilercast

V HAS COME TO! Listen to us talk about Metal Gear Solid V, spoiling all of the things! Zach and Josh go for broke and talk about everything in The Phantom Pain, from mechanics to story spoilers! Spoilers begin at the 30 minute mark approximately!

Topics include phantom pain, absence, loss, colonialism, imperialism, nuclear deterrence, culture, tradition, language, individualism versus community, interpretation, pacifism, Fulton balloons, Mother Base, showering, horse poop, The Skulls, Mission 51, Huey, Quiet, Skull Face, D-Dog, D-Walker, Ocelot, Kazuhira Miller, FOX, XOF, Cipher, Big Boss, Eli, The Third Boy, and The Man on Fire, among other spoiler stuff!

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