How to Cause Nuclear Fallout


The destruction of Megaton weighed upon my soul as rubble. The action/consequence system of Fallout 3 had won. You see, I play video games to break them; to see how far they will let me go. The problem with my gameplay style is that this time the game broke me. A button press had turned me into someone I didn’t recognize. I had killed virtual people in the plume of a fiery mushroom cloud. Judge, jury, executioner.

An innocent trip to the local watering hole turned into a life changing event. 

A shadowy man approached me about leveling the shanty town of Megaton. A town build around an undetonated atomic bomb. Smart. For my part, all I had to do was place a detonator on said bomb and get out of Dodge. Easy right? It was. I was actually surprised at how no one noticed my bomb play. Not even the Church of the Atom fanatics, they were too busy bowing before the weapon. Fools.

Detonator in place, I made my way across the wastes, back towards Pennington Tower. Fortified, the tower was actually the remains of an old high rise building. Inside lived wealthy tenants who paid for protection and sanctuary from the Capitol Wasteland.

I climbed to the top of the tower, stepped out onto a balcony, and pressed the button. The horizon filled with a blinding flash. Megaton was no more. I had become a murderer. Blood covered my hands.

Save, Quit Game.

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Transplanted from the land of sun and surf to a place filled with pine trees and sweet tea, Bryan Hall is a man who has experienced God's grace. Wanting to influence the digital landscape with the love of Christ, Bryan writes from the junction point of faith, life, and video games. You can read more of his writing at his blog,