Diablo Cast #47

So why are a bunch of Christians dudes playing Diablo? Find out!

Topics include (duh) why are we playing Diablo, Manichaeism, World of WarCraft, Diablo II, meat sacrificed to idols, Gauntlet, Reaper of Souls, desensitized to violence, Demon Hunter, Anita Sarkeesian, Forced, swatting, Mortal Kombat announcer, Red Dead Redemption, Shadows of the Dead, Suda51, No More Heroes, Taro Yoko, Drakengard, NieR, Lars von Trier, how strangers are just friends you haven’t met, Walking Dead Season 2 (POSSIBLE SPOILERS), why Josh picks female characters, Real Money Auction House, The Lego Movie, Marvel movies, and Thor

Diablocast #47

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