Video Game Guide Collection Part 4: BradyGames Yellow Label Guides (Early 2000s)


Back when BradyGames still had their older logo affixed on the binding of every guide, accompanied with a garish yellow trim, it looked something like this:   Ah, nostalgia. So it is that I somehow talk for twenty minutes about guides made in that era (and one NOT made in…

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Video Game Guide Collection Part 3: Modern Day Prima Games Guides

Prima Games

Ok, I promise this is the last one I will post as a primary thing. If anything, videos will be posted alongside the written content UNLESS they actually contain something meaningful and in-depth. And honestly, it’s my birthday tomorrow so cut me some slack. But here’s all the Prima Games…

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Video Game Guide Collection Part 2: Early Prima Games and Bradygames Guides

Bradygames Final Fantasy VII Squaresoft Guide

Hey, I’m nothing if not comprehensive! No weird addresses or things to that effect blurred out. Just some guy talking about video games for about ten minutes. The next videos, somehow, are even LONGER than this, so get used to my lovely voice. This time, I talk about Squaresoft’s lovely white…

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Video Game Guide Collection Part 1: Nintendo Official Player’s Guide

Nintendo Official Player's Guide

You know what? It’s almost my birthday, and it’s summer here where I live, so why not take a couple days off? I mean, NOT REALLY take a few days off. But certainly go for something a little different. If you know my writing, I am intentionally self-effacing when it…

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Fighter’s Corner: Playing Vampire Savior Video Tutorials

Vampire Savior Darkstalkers Fetus of God Jedah Q-Bee

So I haven’t been playing many fighting games recently. JRPGs, sometimes, take a majority of your time and then you cannot escape their 30+ grasp. Still, we need SOMETHING on this off-Saturday, non-podcast related, so here’s a tutorial for Darkstalkers Resurrection, specifically Vampire Savior, that I recorded months ago. Possibly…

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