Podcast #94 – Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift

Zach, Brandon, and new guest Jon Rendall ask themselves three questions about virtual reality: Can we escape reality through video games? When will it become so real that we can’t tell the difference (Matrix-level spooky)? When will the wow-factor wear off? Topics include Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, Super…

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Podcast #93 – The Grey Market

Grey Market

Zach, Brandon, Nelson (from Video Games and the Bible) and Eric Anderson (of Nerd Chapel) join us to talk about the grey markets of video games – used games, Steam keys, and the like! Topics include G2A, Greenman Gaming, the Steam Marketplace, Hearthstone, GameStop, Kinguin, Dying Light, Humble Bundle, Steam,…

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Podcast #92 – Gaming Metaphysics


A lot of rambling with Zach, Brandon Z, and Shawn Key of Christian-Gaming.com! Also, a pretty long discussion about Bayonetta and Dark Souls, their world, and their mythology. Topics include Borderlands, Destiny, World of WarCraft, The Old Republic, Final Fantasy XIV, MMORPG, Everquest, controller, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm,…

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