The “Emo” Japanese Game: Origins and Buddhism (Part 1)


Part 1 – Origins and Buddhism Part 2 – Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 3 – Hideaki Anno and The Culture Gap Part 4 – Final Fantasy and Psychological Deception Today, we’re going to examine a different religion than our usual Christian focus. Specifically, that’s because I wanted to understand why people don’t like Japanese…

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The Prickly Problem of Private Servers (Part 2)


Part 1 In sum: this is a much more complicated problem than merely “abandonware”, because not all games come with clear ToS agreements or even clear rules as to whether we can establish a private server or not. People on the Internet literally resurrect these games from the dead for…

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The Prickly Problem of Private Servers (Part 1)


Private servers came up quite a bit in recent weeks, mostly due to the closing of Nostalrius. For those who don’t know, Nostalrius elicits “nostalgia” for the old days of World of WarCraft – specifically the time of 40-man raids, tons of grinding, and bosses that required a heck of…

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