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Zachery Oliver

Zachery Oliver, MTS, is the lead writer for Theology Gaming, a blog focused on the integration of games and theological issues. Zach had a little idea in his head that, maybe, video games could get a better rap from the Christian public than they have from the mainstream, as well as reaching an untapped audience with the real message of the Gospel. Thus, he sought to start a blog focused on some real theological issues, as well as a soapbox for himself to vent (very philosophically) on the issues in the world of video gaming. Zachery also wrote for GameChurch, a website with similar objectives but a different approach (and, for Zach, much more editing!), and Substance TV, a site that craves video game mechanics and culture.

Senior Editor, Contracted Consultant


M. Joshua Cauller

M. Joshua Cauller started a group called GameCell that meets in his house where folks on all belief spectrums meet to play videogames and discuss how they relate to life, and a biblical worldview.  M. Joshua loves to write about games, life, belief for many websites including Gamechurch and Plus10Damage. He’s also an art director and video-maker who specializes in interactive design. M. Joshua loves his wife, storytelling, his puppy Luna, and his overly-verbal cat MacGuyver. You can find out more about him at Love Subverts.

Community Manager

bryan hall

Bryan Hall

Transplanted from the land of sun and surf to a place filled with pine trees and sweet tea, Bryan Hall is a man who has experienced God’s grace. Wanting to influence the digital landscape with the love of Christ, Bryan writes from the junction point of faith, life, and video games. You can read more of his writing at his blog,

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Ted Loring

Ted Loring

Wild Man Ted, self-styled (or is it? Even I’m not sure) is also known as the Video Game Theologian. He blogs frequently at Video Game Theology about God and video games. Ted currently works towards a Master’s of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He is also Technology Manager at Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center. Ted’s love for technology and video games started as soon as he saw the Atari 2600 at Robbie Foster’s house when he was a kid. The glow of the game Combat from the television screen beckoned him to come and play. He will never forget that feeling and he will never outgrow it. And also, Combat’s still really awesome and you should play it (editor’s opinion).


Ayk Iano

Ayk takes things very seriously, especially fun. Videogames allow him to channel his fervency into a medium that delivers on a wide spectrum of joy — from artistic integrity, narrative engagement, and philosophical scrutiny…to button mashing, number popping, and trophy hunting. He has a lighthearted wife who accompanies him on this journey. Check out his personal blog:


Patrick Gann

Gann’s writing career spans over a decade covering video game events and publishing reviews for RPGFan, as well as helming their enormous and exhaustive soundtrack section – it continues to be an excellent resource to find video games music reviews. Gann remains a frequent contributor for Original Sound Version, a blog dedicated to “nerdy” music, where he is currently managing editor. He also writes at his personal blog Gameosaurus along with his friend Pete, where they talk about all sorts of stuff, but mostly themselves (in a good way!).

Yann Wong

Yann is a high school Physics teacher and a part-time seminary student in the city-state of Singapore.  He hopes one day to be able to write a book on how Christians can play video games to the glory of God, but until then he is grateful for the Christian gamer community, such as the folks here on Theology Gaming,  who have shown that Christians can talk about video games in a way which is spiritually encouraging and which points each other towards Christ. You can read more of Yann’s stuff at his own blog Redeemed Gamer.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

A substitute teacher by day and apparent theologian by night…or anytime, really, Eric Anderson is a blogger/teacher who loves Jesus, board games, comic books, and science fiction. Also, maybe he likes Stargate a whole lot (bring it back!). He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Taylor University Fort Wayne and lives in Michigan out of a passion for spreading the Gospel through his own hobbies, otherwise known as Nerd Chapel. You can see Eric Anderson in action through Nerd Chapel’s video arm on Youtube, and follow his teachings and thoughts on Facebook.


Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership and Education from the Baptist College of Florida. He took up gaming as a kid playing Super Mario 64 and never looked back. He hopes to discover ways in which to connect the local Church to real ministry in the gaming culture. Andrew also has a passion for student ministry, writing, and sports. He even has a crazy dream of having his own sports podcast or column. He has (very) recently taken up writing about gaming to further these goals on The Geek and the Word.


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