Yann is a high school Physics teacher and a part-time seminary student in the city-state of Singapore. He hopes one day to be able to write a book on how Christians can play video games to the glory of God, but until then he is grateful for the Christian gamer community, such as the folks here on Theology Gaming, who have shown that Christians can talk about video games in a way which is spiritually encouraging and which points each other towards Christ. You can read more of Yann's stuff at his own blog Redeemed Gamer (click the link below).

Missions Week: A Call for the Christian Gaming Community to Really Matter for Christ

As part of Missions Week, my fellow esteemed writers will share about their own experiences as a missionary for Christ, and how God has called them to such ministry work. I am going to do something different – I would like to discuss the mission work we can do, not…

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SEX WEEK – Interacting with Video Game Sexuality: A Christian View

Bayonetta Crotch Shot

When I played Bayonetta the first time and saw the introductory cutscene, I was so shocked that I immediately turned my PS3 off. I certainly did not expect that barely 5 minutes into starting the game I would stare at Bayonetta’s crotch as she gyrates and pole-dances to “Fly Me…

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Why Does Yann Wong Play Video Games?

Stumbling block Warning Sign

Why Do You Play Video Games? That’s what Theology Gaming wishes to meditate upon this week. Do you know? Well, let’s at least talk about it. Why Do You Play Video Games? by Zachery Oliver (Tuesday, March 19th) Why I Play Video Games by Bryan Hall (Wednesday, March 20th) Why Does…

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Despair, Salvation and Final Fantasy XIII

Please welcome yet another guest contributor, Yann Wong. Yann writes on his own blog Redeemed Gamer, which focuses on video games and their theological themes (hey!). In his own words: This blog is written primarily for folks who consider themselves to be both gamers as well as serious evangelical Christians.…

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