Patrick Gann is currently in his final year of graduate degree, a Masters in Social Work from Millersville University. He lives with his wife and three children, most of whom enjoy video games, none of whom have Patrick's passion for game music. Patrick still contributes the occasional soundtrack review to RPGFan and OriginalSoundVersion, and also writes sporadically for GameChurch.

SEX WEEK – Harem vs Waifu: Eroge, Virtual Polyamory and Monogamy on Trial

tokimeki Memorial 4

To Eroge or Not Eroge The term eroge (short for “erotic game”) refers to a specific, niche subset of visual novels that have a significant fan-base and following in Japan and other east Asian countries. Though pornography as an industry thrives in the West, erotic content in a text-driven narrative…

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After Church: Into the Presence of…?


In the following post, the reader will notice that I’ve used many words that belong to the nuanced vocabulary of the “new age / self-help” world. I use the vocabulary, not to scoff at the traditional language of Christian experience, but only because I find this vocabulary helps describe my…

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Finkle Is Einhorn, Jesus Is God … Alan Wake Is Joseph Campbell?

Okay, that’s not quite right. Technically, we need to move back a layer. Alan Wake’s creator, Finnish writer Sam Lake, writes in a style that fits Joseph Campbell’s “monomyth” quite nicely. I played Alan Wake and its side-story sequel Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and let me say, I was impressed.…

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