Bryan Hall

Transplanted from the land of sun and surf to a place filled with pine trees and sweet tea, Bryan Hall is a man who has experienced God's grace. Wanting to influence the digital landscape with the love of Christ, Bryan writes from the junction point of faith, life, and video games. You can read more of his writing at his blog,

Review: King’s Quest – A Knight To Remember (**** stars)

We (i.e., Bryan Hall and Josh Cauller) decided to do a co-review for King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember, the first episode of a re-imagining of the classic 1980s adventure game series. We liked this episode a lot. Here’s why: M. Joshua Cauller: I thought this might be some obtuse…

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Best Theology Video Games of 2015

We hate it when Christians dismiss video games for “being ungodly.” So we made this Game Of The Year List to focus on the good and redemptive qualities within games (and have a little fun with the GOTY awards in the process). We hope this fills-in some blanks on games you may have missed.…

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Gamers Are Stupid


(Dear Reader, Please take a literal minute to view the above source material. You’ll thank me later. Promise. – B) Grab yer pitchforks! Equip a torch or flashlight? Best prepare. We have now entered the land of the 700 Club. Where the still breathing Pat Robertson reigns. Doing good. Fighting the fight.…

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