Andrew Crawford is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership and Education from the Baptist College of Florida. He took up gaming as a kid playing Super Mario 64 and never looked back. He hopes to discover ways in which to connect the local Church to real ministry in the gaming culture. Andrew also has a passion for student ministry, writing, and sports. He even has a crazy dream of having his own sports podcast or column. He has (very) recently taken up writing about gaming o further these goals.

Review: Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare (**** stars) Part Three

Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

The multiplayer aspects of Advanced Warfare stay close the familiar to the franchise. The cooperative “Survival” mode returns from Modern Warfare 3, though it is no more interesting now than it was in that previous title. The addition of “Exo Zombies” in the Havoc DLC equates it with Treyarch titles in…

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