About Us

1. What is Theology Gaming (TG)?

TG is a community dedicated to the intersection of games and life with Christ.

2. What is the Theology Gaming Network (TGN)?

TGN exists to unify the voices of folks thinking about how following Jesus relates to games. This translates to Theology Gaming cross-posting community member’s content and aggregating it all under one Theology Gaming banner.

3. What kind of posts does TGN allow?

Anything that relates to Jesus and games. Longform essays, Youtube videos, podcasts, galore! As long as it’s relevant to games and relationship with God, it’s golden.

4. What are the benefits of joining TGN?

– Increased visibility for your written work/blog

– Access to a built-in audience of 10,000 unique views a month

– A TGN logo on your site, (it’s nifty!)


5. Membership Requirement

Contribute one piece of content a month (that’s it!)

Submit all such inquiries to viewtifulzfo at gmail.com


  1. Zach, I am really interested in the way that you are able to integrate theological concepts and video games. I am looking for contributing writers for my new magazine (www.godemodemag.com) that can add some substance. If you are at all interested in contributing to our first issue or even occasionally for the website just hit me up at eric.sullivan@godmodemag.com and I would love to add another notch to your resume. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this blog, Zachery. It is a very refreshing approach to what’s obviously a huge source of entertainment for so many people these days. I love God and I am a follower of Christ, and I also absolutely love video games. I’m glad to find this place to read your articles and share thoughts. One thing though, forgive me if I’m simply being ignorant of the way blogs work, but the ads on this blog is a bit too much. It’s quite distracting and frankly it sort of chips away at the intellectual and spiritual touch you bring to the subject matter. I wanted to share my opinion with you, as a reader and fan.

    •  @solarle Thanks for the support! I was hoping to do something a little different, so it’s nice to know other people feel the same.
      I apologize for the advertising, but I have to make money somewhere! I have been trying to get advertisers with less obtrusive stuff, but it also depends on what country you’re visiting from. If any of them are putting inappropriate stuff up, please let me know, because I obviously don’t want that up here.

      •  @Zachery Oliver  @solarle Hey Zachery! Thanks for the reply. I totally understand. I will try my best to click the ads as often as I can. I am actually visiting your blog from Korea, and the content of the ads are fine. As for one last suggestion to you for the blog’s next design, I would like to suggest a lighter background with dark letters, instead of a dark background and white letters like you use now. I personally think that would be much less straining to the eyes. Other than that, I am thrilled to find this place and I look forward to reading all your articles!
        Have a pleasant day, God bless.

        • I am thinking of a redesign (a logo is in the works, for one), so thanks for the suggestion.

          By the way, yhe ads are pay-per-impression, meaning they pay based on the number of people visiting. Just as a precaution (I’ve had some trouble in the past), don’t mess with the advertisements unless you’re genuinely interested in them.

  3. I came across this website while searching for Christian game stuff and listen to a podcast here. I just want to say thank you for making christian video game podcasts.

  4. Rolando Feliciano

    Are your Video Gaming Monologues not happening anymore and what advice do you give to someone who is starting out on someone who is starting their path on the theological tangential learning road to introducing Christ to the next generation of geeks and gamers.

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